Day 1


This  morning I attended my first appointment for medical weight loss.  My blood pressure was down even more than the other day 130/76 which is absolutely fantastic for me.  My weight was down too another three pounds, different scale so I supposed the standard deviation is possible.

But holy crap I am a fat little thing.

My metabolic rate was taken by breathing into a thing for ten minutes.  Apparently it is 1600 and some change and should be 1700 and some change.

Slow metabolism.  I said I knew it was so.  The nurse said that from time to time people come in and are shocked to discover that they do NOT have a sluggish metabolism

We discussed my options and I think I will be going on the whole meal replacement Optifast plan.  At least to kick start my metabolism.  So shakes and bars here I come, and not the shakes from too much coffee and a bar where I can get a draft beer.

And I have to stop drinking for a while.

Which is worse being a diabetic or giving up booze.  I will have to get back  to you on this.  I think giving up booze will really suck.

Hopefully by the end of June I will go to one home cooked meal a day.  And by the end of summer perhaps go to Real Food during the day and Optifast in the evenings.  Because I eat like a beast after four most days.

But I have to do this.

I really cannot be this big anymore.

I recall one time my grandfather who was a diabetic, had given himself too much insulin in the morning.  We were about to sit down to dinner, and he started grabbing food from everyone’s plates and out of the serving dishes as his body lost its self control and he needed food, this was utterly out of character for him to not be sitting at the table eating until after we said grace.  I remember someone had a tea bag squeezed out on a plate, and he picked it up trying to eat that too, and it had to be taken out of his mouth before he ate it.

I never EVER want to be a diabetic.

So here we go.

Fun times ahead.







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