Bitchy Neophyte


Did I really just commit to only eating 1200 calories a day?  Day Two was a failure.

Two hundred calories ever 2.5 to three hours.  I thought it was two to two and a half, by noon I had eaten more than 600 calories.   A spinach, blackberry, banana, and almond milk shake.  An OPTIFAST berry yogurt bar and a fake meat chicken patty with a slice of cheese on top.  Next time no cheese.

Anyone who tells you it is all about willpower should have a fist punched into their open mouth while they are sitting there eating something substantial.  Here is your will power, suck it.  In fact I will pick up my fork and take some of their food chew it up real good, say this is willpower you MOTHER of  beautiful children, and open my mouth.

I worked painting all afternoon and skipped my mid day snack.  Thank goodness because a cube steak and a half and about a cup of couscous is like 600 calories.

I am not supposed to be getting any of my calories from alcohol, I had about 3 oz of red wine mixed with sparkling water.  And then I had another 5 oz of wine with sparkling water chaser.

It’s better that way trust me.

The neighbor brought over some kick ass potato salad and roasted corn, it was so yummy, I ate about a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of it.

I had/have a miserable headache and feel like a lump of sodden clay this morning.

I only drank about half of the 64 oz of water I am supposed to be drinking.  That’s a gallon plus shakes and coffee.  A gallon.

The shakes make my mouth taste like ass.  I had the strawberry one this morning.  I put a half cup of almond milk and five strawberries in it along with a cup of water.

Thats 250 calories boom.  Gone.

I suspect I will have a very hard time NOT supplementing with spinach, berries and some unsweetened almond milk from time to.time.  Just for flavor.  Or to mask the flavor.

Not every diet day is cheerful.

But I will leave it on this note.   I did walk with the dog back to where the inlet blocks the path.  About a mile altogether, not a strenuous walk by all means, but the trillium were blooming, and the trout lily on the verge of blooming, and the cowslips trying to eek out an existence on the muddy path which was once beaver swamp. And the dog ran circles around me with joy.  Off leash the whole time because the owner has given me permission and she is finally minding me after three years of training.


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