Meeting with the Nutritionist


It turns out I am not the only one who is less than satisfied with the OPTIFAST bars.  I guess some people like specific ones and others do not like those but like others.  I am not alone. I do like the chocolate one it feels like a treat, fudgy and yummy.  The peanut butter one is okay ish.  The berry one is just gross. IMO

The doctor of the weight loss clinic has another product that I will be sampling over the next couple of days.

The Fluffy Vanilla Crisp one is the first one I have tried and it tastes very much like a Kellogg’s Rice Crispie Treat.  Very good!

Last night though I was pretty lost, way too much math coming out of that nutritionist, because math for me, requires a calculator and a computer.  What I got out of it is this high protein (123 grams a day) low fat (but good fat when I do eat it) low carb diet.  I will be doing a modified diet with the possibility of replacing one shake in the morning with a high protein breakfast, and eating a high protein vegetable rich dinner and snack if I need it (I tend to be in bed my 9 so in that case I won’t need it).  I feel much better about it this morning.  I will probably not stay long at the clinic though, because holy crap it is EXPENSIVE.  My classroom neighbor and divorce sister (we went through ours at the same time, in a school of women who have been married for 20-30-40 years) and friend, is doing Shakeology and we are looking at ATKINS shakes (too much sodium) and EAS Whey shakes (lower in calorie and higher in protein than the OPTIFAST product).  This is to at least save on cost of the product, to try and find a flavor I like, and can live with, and to possibly wean myself from dependence on the clinic.

I can see myself living with a diet like this for a while, and eventually changing over to healthier choices.  Tommy (my honey) had hot dogs and TOTS for dinner last night and I didn’t even eat one!  (I love tots!!)

I have an air popper for the microwave, a bowl with a lid that allows you to pop the kind of popcorn that comes unseasoned in a bag or jar, I had a bowl of popcorn with a tablespoon of butter and some sea salt.  It was delicious, and between the dogs and I, I ate every bite, but I felt so guilty because once again I was over that 12oo calorie mark.

I wonder if anyone else feels guilty for eating what is essentially a decent food choice?  How do you let that guilt go?  What do you do with that ugly feeling?




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