It ain’t easy


Last night, after class, I was so hungry.  I had Scrambled two eggs  in a little olive oil, two slices of deli ham, a slice of Swiss cheese and a half cup of fresh asparagus and made an omelet.  It was delicious.  I was still hungry after and decided to have a Chobani flip after I had a large cup of chamomile tea.  But only if I still wanted it.  That help because by the time I finished my tea it was 9 o’clock and I didn’t want to eat that close to bed time.  The omelet put me over my calorie limit by 200 calories.  And I ate very little.

This is hard.

The naturally thin people I know are saying this diet is starvation, and I need to just work out more.  But due to chronic pain, working out is just not an option for me.  I know I could have had one egg or one slice of ham, but to be honest I was so hungry I just had to eat a decent meal or else I would be picking at something unhealthy later.

So much for willpower, today one of my troubled students brought me a muffin for Mother’s Day.  I ate the top off and threw the rest away.  I am regretting it already.

I have a question.  Why do naturally thin people say fat people are lazy, eat too much fast food, have no willpower, and tell us how easy it is to lose weight, if we would only just try?

Why is it the diet industry is constantly giving us conflicting information about what it takes to lose weight?  And then why is it so hard to maintain weight loss?

The nutritionist told me that eggs are really good for you and to go ahead and eat them as a protein source.

Did you know that it was a vegan who started this movement of eggs are bad for you? And that the best and most nutritious part of the egg is the yoke?  And eggs are not bad for you at all?  I knew this, and told the nutritionist this, she said, and I agree, the food industry is all about politics.  Eating dairy and eating meat are also policial, because the beef and dairy industry are all involved in telling the FDA what to include on the food pyramid.

Do you think that all this misinformation, and failure to report factual information (i.e. Six years ago I read in a dietetics magazine that once you have fat cells in your body, and lose weight the fat cells then become like sponges, and absorb whatever you take in, and that maintaining and not gaining is more difficult because of this?) is all a slick way for various industries to keep earning money, from our struggles, from our ignorance?




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