Everybody Knows BEST

I should not be sharing information about my weight loss journey with some people, because everyone else knows what is best for me.

I am working with a doctor of bariatric medicine, a successful one, a certified dietician, the real deal.  And hopefully soon an exercise physiologist who specifically works with the obese.  Oh and a cognitive behavioral therapist ( mental health professional).

But apparently two elementary school gym teachers and an overweight woman who runs in the summer and is married to a sports physical therapist know better.

You have to exercise to lose weight, calories in calories out, what are you eating? Sneer.  Ok my co workers are asses.

It hurts when you exercise they say.  Um okay I say I used to walk 20 miles a week and do yoga twice a week, before that aerobics videos an hour a day, after that repairing my house six hours a day all summer, before all of it hiking in the Adirondacks, I know exercise hurts.

when I exercise now, my joints ache, not my muscles, my joints.

I look online for a water aerobics class.  I love swimming.

I am irritated though because they are hypercritical of this whole effort.

From now on I will be silent.  Screw them.  But really what do I say?  Help!?



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