Still playing with the diet


I have tried all Optifast three days in a row now and by the end of the day I just cannot wait to eat, actually I am eating half an hour and half an hour earlier all day long because I am so hungry, and even if I eat only the Optifast product and boiled eggs I cannot get enough protein to reach 123 grams.  I cannot make it above 90 most days.

Today I am back to adding spinach and berries to my morning shake and a piece of avocado and using the EAS whey protein shake which has 30 grams of protein in it.

I also am reading some articles saying if you cannot live with it for the rest of your life it isn’t going to work.  And another book that says if you just don’t eat dairy and fill up on veggies and beans.  I was told no beans, too high in carbs at my doctors.  Is it confusing?  You bet it is!

The thing is I felt less tired and felt healthier with the diet my daughter had me on.

Yogurt and fruit and veggie shake for breakfast (no powders) a sensible lunch with a protein, high fiber starch (buckwheat noodles) and half veggies.  And a sensible dinner with a flip for dessert.  And I wasn’t as hungry.  I wonder if I can do that and then snack on bars and protein shakes.  For example eat my shake in the morning.  Have a bar at 9.  Eat my sensible lunch.  Have a shake for a snack.  Have a sensible dinner and for dessert have either a bar, a shake or a flip.  It seems to make more sense as far as longevity of the diet!   It makes more sense to me also as a person who is a whole food eater.  I really am having a very hard time telling myself all this prepackaged shit is better for me than a can of beans, edamame, soba noodles, loads of vegetables and smaller portions of real food.


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