The other night I was hungry and sitting in my chair trying to read my book and I was hungry, really hungry.  I got up and had one of the men take my bike out of the attic, and put air in the tires and I rode my bike for about three miles.  Muscle pain is not bad considering how out of shape I have gotten in the last two years.  I managed all the hills without stopping!  I just had water when I returned home.  Yay me.

The next day at lunch a former co worker came in and plunked toffee chocolate chip muffins down right in front of me.

Oh my God.

And then gave me a bottle of water and said I heard you are on a diet.  How nice.  My co workers suck.

Yesterday was the final critique for my graduate painting class.  Pizza and chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes.

Two delicious slices of super greasy pizza.  (no cupcakes!)

It tasted incredible.  Incredible!

Still stayed under calories though because those two slices filled me up.  I had two shakes, two slices of pizza and a bar and a yogurt for snacks.

I love pizza and any diet without it will make me unhappy.


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