Trial and Error

I have tried a number of protein bars and shakes over the last few days.  I have not had my follow up appointment yet with Medical Weight Loss and so am shopping around trying to find an alternative to the OPTIFAST product.

I have tried Quest Bars.  NOT a fan at all of either of the two I have tried.  They are gummy and flavorless, okay well a tad bit of cinnamonish flavor on the cinnamon bun one.  I am already struggling with constipation on this diet, I am sure the Quest bar will make it so I don’t poop for a week.  YUCK.

I am a huge fan of the Pure Protein Bars.  The three flavors I have tried are delicious, great texture, great flavor.  All under two hundred calories, all over 15 grams of protein.  The local box food store has a bulk size and you can buy them by the case in other flavors at Wegman’s Grocery stores.  I am trying their shake product but it has dairy so I don’t think it will work for me.

I also tried the Vega Shake.  Oh MY GOD it is so gross, but vegetarian and so healthy.  Sad trombone, I even put blueberries and yogurt in it, slightly more palatable but holy cow it is nasty.  I may keep buying it though because it is a really healthy choice.

So far my favorite is the OPTIFAST strawberry with strawberries in it, and the EAS whey protein (I know, milk 😦  vanilla which tastes like a cream soda milkshake – ish. My step son just had oral surgery and I gave him some of my EAS shake packets and he said that peanut butter in the chocolate EAS was also a double thumbs up.  Perhaps that dehydrated peanut butter substitute for the fat chick?

Also that no name, no label bar offered at the doctors office that tastes like a Rice Crispie treat.  That was good, the lemon was okay and the s’mores was okay, but didn’t really taste like a s’more.


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