Lets talk for a minute about motivation.  When I went in yesterday I was pretty sure I lost weight, I have had this feeling before though.

You go in, you ate like a champ for a week and you get on the scale and boom, oh dear it looks like you gained a hundred pounds. 

Sucker punch to the gut. 

Screw this I quit.

*orders pizza on the way home, eats Chinese food the next night, stops for Chipotle when leftovers have been demolished, following week lost 99 pounds out of the 100 gained the week before.

I was scared going in though because I know that feeling, and I have been sorely disappointed in that scale more than once in my dieting lifetime.  (OMG I have been dieting for 24 out of 48 years.)  This is the emotion that makes me not weigh myself at home anymore.  It makes or breaks the day for me.

I lost four pounds though for a total of 11.  12 since my OB/GYN in October.  And I started my period in the middle of the night so some of that was bloat.  Honestly.  (Do you see what happens in the mind when I weigh myself?  It is a constant struggle to do math, to justify that I didn’t lose more, to make myself feel okay that it was ONLY four pounds in two weeks. Why do I do this?)


My blood pressure is NORMAL 120/64.  That lower number I haven’t seen in 10 years.

I will keep going!  I can do this.

Someone please remind me of this if I ever post that I gained weight.



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