New Year New Diet

I started this diet last week, something new.  It is a Vitamin Med diet with weekly check ins and B12 shots.  Every day I take an appetite suppressant twice a day, two sprays of B12 twice a day, and some drops at bedtime.  Plus Aloe tabs at bedtime if I need them.

The diet is very low calorie with loads of veggies, a couple of fruits a day and some lean proteins.  I am very hungry.  Less hungry today than on the first couple of days.

I am not supposed to eat an legumes, (had some for breakfast two days in a row, day two before an hour of weight lifting, which I have been doing half an hour to an hour each week, depending on my time and the weather), or starches or “sweet veggies” carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers etc.

I also was cleaning a pork roast about a month ago and became absolutely disgusted, I had this weird feeling of it being like a piece of human flesh, and it turned my stomach so bad, that I have cut back significantly on meat consumption.  So with all the veggies I am eating mostly tofu, tempeh, some fish and chicken.  Although raw chicken is also causing me to cover my mouth and retch.

This diet is also requiring half my body weight in water consumption which after last years visit to the hospital with potassium depletion I said NO to.  I will drink and drink often but over a gallon a day is outrageous.  Yes I am that fat.  Ugh.

I am supposed to eliminate caffeine, specifically coffee, (still drinking one cup a day)  and alcohol okay okay, no beer.  Sigh.

Three weeks of this, then three weeks with more foods added, I do not know what yet though.

Then two weeks of maintenance.

Frankly, this is how I should have been eating all along.  Yes it is a little low on protein and surely low on whole grains.  But I have to admit, my body feels better already on day four.

More….no…..less….confined, less restricted physically, kind of more open on the inside.

We shall see, I pray I don’t end up in the hospital again.


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