Short and a little less fat

Wow, so this diet is really working.  I am in shock.  Also I feel so much better.

This diet is the VitaminMed diet.  I have an appetite suppressant twice a day, B12 spray twice a day, and some drops of something (who knows what) before bed.  Yesterday was my second full week on the program so I was given a Lipo something B12 shot.  I know really concerned about what is entering my body here. (NOT)

I have lost 7 pounds!  What?  yeah.

I have cut way back on caffeine and coffee.  I thought it would be hard, but I bought these awesome tea cups and infusers from Tea Forte and some of their pre-made teas.  My favorite is the Cherry, it replaces an evening dessett.  I also am having a selzer at night too to replace beer or wine.  I have had a couple of beers, I will admit and two slices of pizza but for the most part I have remained on the very strict diet.

I eat two servings of fruit a day.  Two or three servings of lean protein and veggies upon veggies.  They provide you with a good recipe book, but since I am a decent cook to begin with I have been okay.

I have had several boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my drawer at work for the duration of the diet and I haven’t even cracked one open!  What?  I know!

I feel amazing.  I have been telling myself for YEARS to drink more herbal tea, and eat more veggies.  And here I am doing it.  Finally.

I also had a thing with pork recently where I had this overwhelming feeling that eating that chunk of pork roast was akin to eating human flesh.  It gagged me horribly.  Even raw chicken has begun to bother me.  My friend who is an advocate against over fished oceans would be upset, but I am eating shrimp a couple times a week and fish one other day.  And so much of this wonderful marinated tofu and tempeh or a boiled egg for most of my proteins.

I am in less pain.  I feel and see that the fat is melting off of me.  I am sleeping better too!  And since this diet is dairy free, no gas and no urgency to use the bathroom.  Although I am not going nearly as often as I would like to be.

I will add more and update as this goes along.


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