Still Losing?

After a few days of vacation several large glasses of craft beers of multiple varieties and at least two dinners of wood fired pizza in Burlington VT, I am back to where I was two weeks ago.

Here are some of the important changes I have made.

  1. When you drink, you should drink wine, my best friend drinks vodka with crystal light.
  2. Replace all sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages with water or seltzer or tea.
  3. No more than one small carb per day (couscous about two tablespoons, a small handful of baked light crackers, five or six bow tie pasta pieces, two tablespoons of macaroni salad etc)
  4. Dessert once or twice a week in pre-set serving sizes. (ie ice cream sandwiches are a great example as opposed to a half gallon of ice cream – take one sandwich)
  5. No peanut butter or nut butters at all.
  6. If you are going to eat nuts, and you should from time to time, they are really good for you, I recommend dark chocolate covered ones, this counts as your dessert.
  7. Sleep, sleep, sleep – get an RX for flexeril aka cyclobenzeprene, take it at 7pm every night.
  8. Play with your grandchild, children, dog, students, play!
  9. Appetite suppressants are essential to the process *said the girl who hates medication. I take one in the am, before work, I cannot eat unless I bring in the food at my job.  We don’t have time to go out for lunch. I take two before I head for home.  On weekends I take two in the am and two in the afternoon.
  10. B12 supplements help you feel energetic.
  11. Pizza is my splurge item.  I am allowed pizza once a week, reduce your normal portion.  *Choose your splurge item.  Allow it once a week, aka if you love pasta, have a small portion one a week.  If you love and don’t want to give up tortilla chips and guacamole, eat a small portion once a week. etc. Only one item can be a splurge item.
  12. Allow yourself a day every other week or so, where you don’t think about food.  Eat what you want throughout the day.  And don’t feel guilty for it.

Keep going.  Just keep going.  Do not give up.





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