Positive Reinforcement

I am still trying to wrap my head around the negativity of my work team with my weight loss journey.  I asked advice on how to handle it from my women’s group and from a friend who lost a great deal of weight and got fit a few years ago.  I want to quote my woman friend:

“People who don’t have pain simply see ‘fat lazy person’ and anything you say will just be heard as ‘fat person making excuse’.  Trust me.  I know.  The only thing  you can do is block them out completely and keep doing what you are doing on your own terms, at your own pace, within your own comfort zone.  You can do it.  I’m right here with you, hurting and struggling and blocking out the folks who have no idea what it’s like to hurt.  You’ve got this.  Let it wash over you as total ignorance and don’t let it get you down.”

I want to post this everywhere.  The good thing is, that the TEAM got me thinking about swimming as an exercise.  And about maybe trying to figure out once and for all what the heck is going on with this pain disorder thing. Doctors in the US are very lazy, if it isn’t found on a blood test or with an X-ray they shrug their shoulders and give you drugs.

I am also considering leaving the bariatric doctor practice, and using the money to pay for a gym membership at the local YMCA.  I spoke at length with the woman from my school who has lost 40 pounds in a year.  She has had potatoes on Thanksgiving, and a small piece of lasagna and a part of a cannoli on Mother’s Day, and otherwise only drinks the shakes, eats the bars, and eats a lean protein and steamed vegetables once a day.  The OPTIFAST product is expensive, is not the best tasting, and I can get better options at the local big package store.  If I do a modification to the diet, as I have been with a glass of almond milk added once a day, a handful of spinach and some berries another part of the day, and sensible food at night in small portions I think I can do it alone.  I have not made a decision yet.  I meet with the doctor next week and then the nutritionist again in June.  After that, choice time.

What do you think?  Any positive advice?


2 thoughts on “Positive Reinforcement

  1. That’s an interesting and helpful quote that you put in your post. You asked a question, but I didn’t see any answers posted. Are you asking what people think about you taking on a time of VLCD (very low calorie dieting) on your own by patterning off of the Optifast program?


    1. Hi Gigi,
      I am asking if people can lose weight on a VLCD if they are not going to a bariatrics doctor!
      As I contemplate eating two eggplant ravioli for dinner! Or just to comment in general!


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